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Labor support is the continuation of the time-honored tradition of circling the pregnant & laboring person in a ring of protection & support.  Cultures around the world have honored the rite of childbirth and have developed practices that protect and support the new parent on their journey.  A birth-worker, also known as a "doula" or labor support person, is a person who is experienced and trained in the foundational processes of pregnancy, birth, and breastfeeding.  Labor support focuses on providing education & resources, advocacy, emotional support, and coping strategies for the pregnant person.   

Labor Support Package includes: 
30-minute FREE Initial Interview - Virtual 
5 Prenatal visits starting at 30 weeks
9 hr Childbirth Education Class
3 hr Breastfeeding & Newborn Care Class 
12 hrs of Continuous* Labor Support 

Immediate Postpartum Support (first 3 hrs after birth)
Breastfeeding Initiation Support 

Day 3 or 4 Postpartum Visit w/Arnica Oil Massage

Belly Binding w/Tutorial & Handmade Wrap
Keepsake Birth Certificate with Newborn prints 

Herbal Healing Bath Package
Resources & Handouts e-Packet


Postpartum support goes hand in hand with labor support.  While the average time for physical recovery after birth is just 6 weeks, postpartum healing and the transition into new parenthood is usually a longer process - with the postpartum period officially ending as long as 18 to 24 months for some people.  Having a solid foundation of support in the early postpartum period can promote the best recovery.   


postpartum support package includes: 
30-minute FREE Initial Interview - Virtual

Day 4 Postpartum Visit w/Arnica Oil Massage

Day 7 Postpartum Visit w/Belly Binding

2 Week Postpartum Visit w/Vaginal Steam

6 Week Postpartum Visit w/Closing Ceremony
Keepsake Birth Certificate with Newborn prints 

Herbal Healing Bath Package

Traditional Handmade Baby Sling & Tutorial
Unlimited Text + Phone support
Resources & Handouts e-Packet


Plus size woman breastfeeding her infant
breastfeeding - dd.jpg

Nobody ever said breastfeeding would be easy!  If you are in the first 2 weeks postpartum and need support, I am always happy to help by phone for free (give me a call).  You can also contact your local La Leche League to get free support.  Breastfeeding can be very challenging but with the right support you can overcome your obstacles and figure out the best process for feeding your newborn.  In person lactation counseling can provide support with nipple assessment, breastfeeding problems, and questions or concerns that you have around breastfeeding.  


lactation counseling sessions:  

30-minute FREE Initial Interview - Virtual

3 hr Breastfeeding Troubleshooting (in person)


v steam.jpg

Vaginal Steaming is a specialized form of water-therapy that focuses on the healing of the reproductive organs for the purpose of recovery after childbirth, toning and maintaining the reproductive tissues, and addressing specific short and long-term illnesses of the reproductive system.  Steam treatments have been used for healing among indigenous and aboriginal peoples around the world including the Egyptians, Hindu, Mayans, Native Americans, the Turkish, Australians, Japanese, Chinese, and the Greeks (to name a few).  Vaginal steam can be used to promote postpartum tissue healing, tighten/tone vaginal walls, and aid in a range of conditions like hemorrhoids, fibroids, PCOS, and menstrual disorders. 

vaginal steam session:

30-minute FREE Initial Interview - Virtual

1 hr Vaginal steam Detox/Healing Herbal Steam


Belly Binding is a traditional practice that can be found in many cultures around the world.  Traditionally, peoples of African, Asian, and West Indian countries would wrap the torso tightly following childbirth as a way to assist the recovery process by returning the uterus and abdominal muscles to their orginal location and encouraging excess fatty tissue to shrink.  This belly binding practice is offered as part of the labor or postpartum packages or it may be provided as a separate service.  

belly binding session:

1 hr Belly Binding session w/ Tutorial & Handmade wrap

30-minute FREE Virtual Follow-up


belly cast.jpg

Usually done late in the 3rd trimester, the belly cast is a keepsake of your pregnancy made in plaster.  Once dried, the plaster can be fitted with backing and a hanger and can be hung on a wall or otherwise kept in remembrance of your exact size in pregnancy.  It can be kept for years as a decorative piece and worn in remembrance of the pregnancy.

belly casting session:  $75

Community Midwifery is individualized and family-centered perinatal healthcare that offers low-risk families access to quality care from their home.  Families who qualify for community midwifery services may receive prenatal and postpartum care at home as well as plan for a home birth.   Heather Walker is a Phase 3 student and is currently serving as primary midwifery student under the supervision of Aza Nedhari at Blue Sage Midwifery.

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