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Labor support is the continuation of the time-honored tradition of circling the pregnant & laboring person in a ring of protection & support.  Cultures around the world have honored the rite of childbirth & have developed practices that protect the new parents on their journey. 


A birth-worker, also known as a "doula" or labor support person, is a person who is experienced & trained in the foundational processes of pregnancy, birth & breastfeeding. 


Labor support focuses on providing education & resources, advocacy, emotional support & coping strategies for the pregnant person.   


Currently accepting doula clients through Aetna Better Health of Maryland medicaid only.  If you would like to book doula services with me, please go to:


Overnight postpartum support  visits are helpful for new parents who need rest through the night while care is provided for their singleton or twin newborns, breastfeeding support, newborn care education or guidance, help around the house, or just a helping hand or listening ear.

8-hr Overnight Postpartum Suuport Visit: $400

8 hour overnight postpartum support visits are offered per visit/per week.  No packages are available at this time.  Please call for bookings. 

Plus size woman breastfeeding her infant

Belly Binding is a traditional practice that can be found in many cultures around the world.  Historically, peoples of African, Asian & West Indian countries wrap the torso tightly following childbirth as a way to assist the recovery process by returning the uterus & abdominal muscles to their orginal location & encouraging excess fatty tissue to shrink.


Belly bind sessions last 2 hours & include an in-perosn binding turtorial & a traditional belly bind 

belly binding session: $175

Please call for bookings. 

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